Stígvél - Cafe Au Lait

2.116 kr 5.290 kr

Þessi vara er því miður uppseld hjá okkur. Hafðu samband við okkur til að fá frekari upplýsingar.

Adorable Mikk-Line rubber boots in dark rose with an allover print of flowers in yellow and rose shades and green leaves. On the shaft there is a reflective logo.

The Mikk-Line rubber boots come with a normal length shaft with a reflector at the bottom of the heel cap, to ensure there is a better chance of being noticed in the dark hours. The boots have a removable insole with a good arch support.
Inside, the rubber boots have a light textile lining. On the bottom, the rubber boots have deep grooves, which means that the rubber boots create a better foothold for the kid in wet and muddy conditions.

The rubber boots are made of natural rubber without phthalates.

Internal dimensions in cm:
Size 21 = 14
Size 22 = 14.5
Size 23 = 15
Size 24 = 15.5
Size 25 = 16
Size 26 = 16.5
Size 27 = 17
Size 28 = 17.5
Size 29 = 18
Size 30 = 19.5
Size 31 = 20.5
Size 32 = 21