Cybex Solution B2-Fix + LUX - Volcano Black

31.990 kr

Solution B2-Fix + Lux Car Seat

The CYBEX Solution B2-Fix + Lux child car seat is equipped with advanced safety features for worry-free travels with your child. Sleepy children can nap safely with a patented reclining headrest which tilts back to prevent the head from nodding forward. In the event of a side collision your child’s head will stay in the protected area of the seat, while the Linear Side-impact Protection Plus helps absorb the impact energy. The headrest can also be adjusted into 12 different positions, ensuring a customized fit no matter how fast your youngster grows.

UN R44/04 

GROUP - Gr. 2/3


Frá uþb. 100 til 150 cm


Frá uþb. 15 til 36kg from


Frá uþb. 3ja til 12 ára

Helps to keep the child's head in a safe position

With the patented reclining headrest two recline positions help keep your child’s head in the protected area of the car seat when they fall asleep.

Reduces side-impact forces

The L.S.P. System Plus absorbs the impact forces early on, effectively protecting the head and upper body in a side-impact collusion.


Easy installation

With ISOFIX Connect - A simple and hassle-free way to install the car seat in the vehicle.


Grows with the child

Adjust the car seat headrest to fit your growing child.

Easy to handle and carry

Transfer the car seat between vehicles easily with a reduced risk of back strain due to its ultra-light weight.


Fits perfectly in your vehicle

The backrest adjusts for the perfect fit against your vehicle seat.



  • 390 mm
  • WIDTH:
  • 570 mm
  • 640 mm


  • 4.7 kg

UN R44/04