Cybex Solution G i-fix - PLUS Moon Black
Cybex Solution G i-fix - PLUS Moon Black
Cybex Solution G i-fix - PLUS Moon Black
Cybex Solution G i-fix - PLUS Moon Black

Cybex Solution G i-fix - PLUS Moon Black

Verð45.990 kr

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With a Solution G i-Fix high-back booster car seat your child will experience supreme comfort ‒ while top safety features keep them safe.

    • Uppfyllir staðalinn UN R129/03
    • Hæð barns: 100 cm - 150 cm
    • Þyngd barns: Frá uþb. 15 kg til 50 kg
    • Aldur: Frá uþb 3. ára. upp að 12 ára


    • One-hand seat recline
    • Patented reclining headrest
    • L.S.P. System Plus (Linear Side-impact Protection)
    • Height-adjustable headrest and flexible side wing
    • Air Ventilation System
    • ISOFIX
One-hand seat recline

First-class relaxation on the road. The Solution G i-Fix is our first high-back booster seat with a one-hand seat recline. You’ll see how easy it is to find the best position for a soothing sleep.

Patented reclining headrest
With a car seat this comfortable, sleep is practically guaranteed. A patented 3-position reclining headrest supports stopping your child’s head falling forward when they doze off. Their head and neck stay protected by the car seat as they sleep.

L.S.P. System Plus

The Linear Side-impact Protection System Plus can divert up to 20% of side-impact forces away from your child*. An energy-absorbing shell then safely neutralizes this force. * Compared to the same seat without an L.S.P. System.

Height-adjustable headrest

The height-adjustable headrest and flexible side wings allow a tailored fit throughout years of rapid growth. Adjust the headrest upwards as your child gets taller. Flexible side wings let the seat grow with the child for maximum comfort.

Air Ventilation System

The air ventilation system keeps your child cool. Cooling air flows through the car seat ‒ carrying away heat, lowering the seat temperature and keeping your child comfortable and happy.


ISOFIX delivers fast and secure installation you can rely on. Install the car seat by simply clicking it into your vehicle’s Isofix points.

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