Handa- og fótafar með ramma

5.290 kr

Hand and Footprint Set from Vanilla Copenhagen

Cute Vanilla Copenhagen hand and footprint set with picture frame in white. Set contains the following:

  • A white picture frame
  • Two bags of lightweight and air-drying Clay
  • A wood scroll
  • Two pieces of double-sided adhesive tape

The Vanilla Copenhagen set is made so that you can immortalize these memories of your baby. In the frame there is room for both hand and footprints in a field as well as two images of your baby. This memory is perfect to have hanging in the home or giving as a gift. The Set makes no mess, and is easy to use while it is non-toxic Clay.

Recommended age to make an impression of is 0 years +

Dimensions of the frame:
- 29 x 24.5 x 2 cm

Dimensions of image:
- 8 x 8 cm