Handfrjáls brjóstapumpa - Solo
Handfrjáls brjóstapumpa - Solo
Handfrjáls brjóstapumpa - Solo
Handfrjáls brjóstapumpa - Solo
Handfrjáls brjóstapumpa - Solo

Handfrjáls brjóstapumpa - Solo

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Simple. Effective. Hands-free.

Medela’s Solo™ Hands-free single electric breast pump: the ideal hands-free solution for occasional pumping. Our sleek, compact and intuitive Solo™ pump, combined with the Medela Hands-free Collection Cup – anatomically designed to support effective milk expression, ultra-lightweight* for comfort and easy to clean with only three parts.

*Only 76 g per cup

Solo™ Hands-free comes with the unique Medela wearable collection cup which offers:

  • Anatomic design: designed to fit your breast shape to support effective milk expression and maximum comfort. 
  • Ultra-lightweight: with only 76g, it is amongst the lightest available, designed to fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra.
  • 3 parts, easy to clean: easy to assemble and dishwasher safe, making pumping less time consuming.
  • Transparent design: Makes it easy to check that you are placing your nipple correctly into the tunnel, preventing rubbing and supporting effective milk expression. The see-through cup helps you notice when and how your milk is flowing, and measure your volume at the end of pumping.  
  • Connectivity: Enjoy automatic tracking by connecting with the Medela Family™ app – your personal assistant that provides automatic real-time tracking, personalised, science-based content as well as smart tools and pumping tips.
  • Intuitive Control:  with only 4 buttons, the Solo™ Hands-free pump is intuitive to use and easy to control.

Wear it together with your nursing bra
With its compact and lightweight design the Solo™ Hands-free pump with its wearable milk collection cup is designed for mums who need to have the freedom to move whilst pumping.  The Solo™  Hands-free’s cup fits comfortably inside most nursing bras, meaning you can stay hands-free for a completely relaxed or multi-tasking pumping experience, check out our Keep Cool Bra and 3 in 1 Nursing Bra.

Shaped to fit, shaped to work  
Unique* design based on the anatomy of lactating breasts offering great support for the breast and in particular for the underside of the breast which contains the sensitive milk-making tissue.1, 2

More milk, more comfort
Most breast pump shields have a 90° angle. The Solo™ Hands-free Collection Cup is designed with our scientifically proven 105° angle technology to create a more natural fit and reduce pressure on the breast, resulting in better milk removal and more comfort.3, 4

Complete discretion, comfort and convenience
At 76g, our Hands-free wearable collection cup is amongst the lightest available. Solo™  Hands-free won’t weigh you down. Giving you the flexibility to deal with everything else on your to-do list.

Easy to assemble, easy to clean
Just three parts to clean, and dishwasher safe for even more convenience.

A trusted expert in breast milk feeding for 60+ years
Medela brings you the new Solo™ Hands-free single electric breast pump, uniquely designed to fit most breast shapes and nursing bras.

One pump, two ways of pumping
The flexibility and freedom to choose how you want to pump. Now you can switch from classic (PersonalFit Flex™) to hands-free breast pumping in a flash. The Solo™ Hands-free milk collection cup is quick-to-connect and start pumping, giving you the superior pumping experience millions of mums have trusted from Medela.

What's included:
1 x Medela Solo™ single electric wearable breast pump
1 x Hands-free Collection Cup
1 x 24 mm breast shield
1 x Membrane
1 x Tubing
1 x Instructions for use


Package Dimensions: 138.5 x 158.5 x 200.5 mm (Unit size /package)

Unit weight: Cup 76g; Tubing 16.7g; Pump 250g

Warranty: Global warranty

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