Pillow spray
Pillow spray
Pillow spray
Pillow spray
Pillow spray
Pillow spray

Pillow spray

Verð3.990 kr

ALLOW YOURSELF TO PAUSE. It’s time to stop thinking and start dreaming. Our gently fragrant pillow spray has been designed to help you drift back to sleep in between all those feeding interruptions and calls to the bathroom. To use, simply spritz and sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new day.

Why do I need this?
– Helps to improve sleep quality
– 100% organic ingredients
– Perfect for sensitive skin
– Gentle, refreshing fragrance
– Soothes and relaxes
– Pocket-sized
– For pregnancy and afterwards

How to use

Spritz onto pillows at bedtime. Lay back, enjoy the gentle fragrance and give into sleep.
Perfect to use on sofa cushions to lull you into a short power nap while baby is resting.


Alcohol**, Neroli Floral Water*, Aqua, Parfum* (from 100 % Pure Essential Oils: Coumarin, Limonene, Linalool, Citral)
* ingredients issued from organic farming
**made using organic ingredients

– Tonka: gives a feeling of security and safety, can regulate the serotonin balance, and has a sleep-inducing and relaxing effect.
– Vetiver: grounding and regenerating, motherly protective scent.
– Bergamot: anxiety-relieving and nerve-relaxing, regulating the nervous system.
– Orange: spreads cheerfulness, brightening, relaxing.
– Neroli: calming, balancing, mood-lifting.

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