Mjúkbók - Ocean Print Green

4.690 kr

Soft foldable fabric book for babies.

This soft little textbook has nice motifs in happy colors and cute tales from the bottom of the sea.

The book can be hanged in the child's bed or used as an activity toy, all rooms contain "creak" with a sound without disturbing the child. The book is on 6 pages and has 6 ties for hanging.

One side of the book has a little story about what is going on at the bottom of the sea and on the other side of the book the child can learn the subject's name as well as count.

There is a pocket on each side of the book, which can be used, for example, to store the pacifier or the baby's favorite cuddly cloth.

Double-sided book containing 2x6 pages, 2 pockets, "crunched" and with tie ribbons. Hand-drawn sea-themed illustrations.


Dimensions: 16x96 cm (16x16x6 cm)

Quality: 100% organic cotton

Age from 0+