Moonboon mótor fyrir hammok
Moonboon mótor fyrir hammok
Moonboon mótor fyrir hammok

Moonboon mótor fyrir hammok

Verð45.990 kr

Vaggan veitir barninu þínu notalegan og öruggan stuðning. Hreyfingar hennar geta veitt ró og hjálpað með svefn. Vaggan sjálf er framleidd úr 100% lífrænni og GOTS viðurkenndri bómull. Dýnan er fyllt með kapok (náttúrulegar trefjar). Hentar börnum frá 4 kg upp í 15 kg.

Vaggan frá Moonboon hefur verið prófuð eftir Evrópsku öryggisstöðlum EN1130.



Say goodbye to tired arms! Our Baby-Hammock Motor was the first to be made in Europe, is compatible with a wide range of Baby-Hammocks and rocks your baby to sleep quietly and safely. From now on tired arms and walking around the living room in circles with a restless baby are thing son the past.

    • ·  Designed and developed in Scandinavia

    • ·  Adjust pace and time

    • ·  Better sleep and less wake-ups

    • ·  Free up time for yourself

      Our motor works with most baby hammocks on the market and is approved for rocking children who weigh up to 20 kg. What would you like to do while your little one is sleeping?



1 hammock motor
1 24V power supply and 10 feet / 3 meters of cord 2 safety snap hooks with plastic parts
Maximum load capacity
4 - 20 kg
Maximum operating power
15 W
Power supply
Input: 100 - 240V - 50/60Hz


If your child likes to be rocked, the motor offers relief. It frees you from hours spent throughout the day and night rocking the baby or the baby hammock yourself. The motor does the rocking, and you have your arms free to do other things while the baby sleeps calmly and deeply.

When I was on maternity leave, there were no motors available. I contacted a Danish engineering company and collaborated with them on the development of Moonboon’s motor. I can therefore guarantee that the motor is safe to use. This is the only motor on the market that has been designed, developed and tested in Denmark. Our motor does not have any openings in the mounting and that is an important safety precaution.

Our CE marked motor can be mounted with the two snap hooks that come with it. The motor is 26 cm long including snap hooks. You can set the tempo to the one preferred by your baby. There is even a timer that you can set so the baby hammock will continue to move for up to three hours.

Friends and customers tell me that this motor has been a lifesaver. I hope that it can make your life with your little one better too

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