Moonboon White Noise hátalari
Moonboon White Noise hátalari
Moonboon White Noise hátalari
Moonboon White Noise hátalari
Moonboon White Noise hátalari

Moonboon White Noise hátalari

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Choose from 10 soothing white noises that reduce ambient noise and help your child fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Moonboon's White Noise Speaker helps your child fall asleep and sleep better. The speaker has a wide range of white, pink and brown noises to calm and reduce anxiety and crying. You also get womb sounds, which mimic the sounds of time in the womb and create a comforting atmosphere to help your child fall asleep.

  • ·  Helps the child to fall asleep faster and sleep better

  • ·  Creates a safe sleeping environment

  • ·  Reduces ambient noise

  • ·  Complies with European safety requirements EN 71-1

    The soothing sound blocks noise and sudden sound changes in the surroundings, which could otherwise wake the child. The speaker has a built-in night lamp with a warm and pleasant light that can be switched on and off.

    Moonboon's White Noise Speaker doesn't need to be connected to a smartphone or app, so you can freely use your phone while your child sleeps soundly. The lightweight speaker is easy to take anywhere and hang from the cross bar of the baby hammock with the built-in silicone strap.


    A wireless, portable and lightweight speaker with built-in sounds and a night lamp. With a USB charger and silicone strap for easy mounting. Used without an app and a smartphone.

    The speaker contains 10 relaxing sounds: • 3 soothing white noises
    • 3 soft, natural pink noises
    • 2 low-frequency brown noises
    • 2 relaxing womb noises
    The sound can be played at five levels. Silicone strap

    The speaker has a built-in silicone strap, so it can easily be hung, for example, on the cross bar of the baby hammock.

Rechargeable battery

The speaker is charged with an included USB charger. Battery capacity per charge:

• Sound: 30 hours

• Sound and light: 20 hours

• Light: 100 hours

Built-in night lamp

A comfortable and warm night lamp is built into the speaker (3000 Kelvin), which can be easily switched on and off.

Timer function

With two built-in timer functions: 1 and 2 hours.


Built-in maximum volume: 60 decibels. The loudspeaker complies with the European safety requirements EN 71-1.

125 g
Diameter: 9 cm
Strap: 4 cm suspension Material

• Speaker shell: White ABS plastic • Textile: Grey linen

• Strap and buttons: silicone rubber

Wipe with a dry cloth.


The relaxing sounds have a calming effect on both children and adults, as they block sudden changes in the sounds of the surroundings. Before the baby is born, it spends its days and nights closely enveloped by the human hum of its mother's body. The beating heart, rushing blood, and rhythmic breathing combine to create a safe and familiar sound environment. When the baby is born, it suddenly finds itself in a world of new sounds and silence.

Moonboon's White Noise Speaker creates a comfortable sound environment for both children and adults. It helps when your child needs to calm down and fall asleep faster or when you need to sleep well and reduce ambient noise.

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