Naghringla úr við - Frisky Frog

2.790 kr

As our babies grow, they go through various development stages and different processes. One of them is teething. This process is something we as parents are looking forward to but also dread because it may bring discomfort to our babies, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep and tears.

Teethers are here to help. They do not only bring relief to your baby as they apply pressure to their sore gums, but also help develop their hand-eye coordination as they are learning to bring the teether to their mouth.  


Our FRISKY FROG is made of maple wood which makes it safe for your baby to use since it contains no chemicals or toxic substances.

Fun fact – wood is naturally antibacterial.


The dimensions of the FRISKY FROG teething ring are 75 mm x 76 mm, so your baby will be able to grip and hold it easily. 


Do not sterilize the teether. Clean its surface with a damp cloth and soap. Check the product before every usage, especially if a child has teeth. Do not expose the teether to heat or sunlight. The product can be used only with close parental supervision.