Ökklastígvél - Tortoise Shell

5.790 kr

Lovely short wellies in 100% natural rubber. The boots have reinforced rubber around the heel and at the bottom. Reflective tape and logo on the back. Practical rubber strap in the back makes it easy to put the boots on. High-quality wellies that is available in two colors for both boys and girls.

In order for the boot to fit properly on the child’s foot we recommend that the boot is the length of the foot plus one finger’s thickness (1-1,5 cm). This allows the child to wear a pair of thick socks in the boots, and ensures that there is enough space for the toes. This is how you achieve the best fit and mobility. "

100% Natural Rubber

Stærðartafla í cm:

Str. 19 = 12,5
Str. 20 = 12,9
Str. 21 = 13,5
Str. 22 = 14,6
Str. 23 = 15,3
Str. 24 = 15,9
Str. 25 = 16,7
Str. 26 = 17,3