Cybex Solution B2-Fix + Lux

...frábær bílstóll fyrir áhyggjulausar bílferðir!

The CYBEX Solution B2-Fix + Lux child car seat is equipped with advanced safety features for worry-free travels with your child. Sleepy children can nap safely with a patented reclining headrest which tilts back to prevent the head from nodding forward. In the event of a side collision your child’s head will stay in the protected area of the seat, while the Linear Side-impact Protection Plus helps absorb the impact energy. The headrest can also be adjusted into 12 different positions, ensuring a customized fit no matter how fast your youngster grows.

From approx. 100 up to 150 cm
From approx. 15 up to 36 kg
From approx. 3 up to 12 years

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