Allt um NOMI


Consumer safety takes precedence over everything else in Evomove.
For that reason, all our components and materials are certified and checked on an ongoing basis by random sampling and documentation requirements. Nomi is certified according to current EN, ASTM and GB safety standards * by the Danish Technological Institute, TÜV in Germany, Catas in Italy and SGS in the USA and China.
All test laboratories used are independent and accredited. We continuously test according to the latest safety standards, and Evomove's own criteria are far higher than the applicable National safety requirements.

In addition, Nomi's groundbreaking design significantly reduces the risk of common high chair accidents:

  • The large footprint ensures that the chair remains standing no matter where the child steps on the foot rest
  • The foot rest cannot be misaligned with the risk of tilting as a result
  • The wheels on the rear feet reduce the risk of the chair tipping backwards when the child pushes away from the table
  • The seat and foot plate size, shape and surface provide good seating comfort and a secure foothold
  • The conical shape of the stem ensures that the seat and foot plate are self-tightening if you have forgotten to tighten the adjustment handles.
  • The Nomi Mini (the restraint) is designed so that the child cannot get both legs in an opening and risk slipping through and getting stuck by the head

Certified wood, plastic, metal and packaging
The wood we use is harvested and processed sustainably in the EU. The plastic parts are made of recyclable pure plastic (polypropylene) at a Swedish-owned plastic factory in the EU. Metal parts are made of certified DIN steel. All textiles are batch tested and approved by accredited laboratories. The packaging is made from recycled paper and complies with all environmental requirements. All components comply with EN 71-3 toy regulations and REACH IV regarding migration of harmful substances. The plastic parts are also food approved (FDA certified). All parts are quality checked and assembled by Evomove's subsidiary in Slovakia prior to shipment. All Evomove's partners and subcontractors have signed our Evomove Code of Conduct, which mainly deals with the working environment, working conditions, environmental considerations and raw material safety.

* EN, ASTM and GB standards are the European, American and Chinese safety standards. Among other things, for, durability, function, stability and unwanted chemistry. It is tested that the highchair is stable, even when the extremities are loaded, and that there are no holes etc. that the child can get stuck or get stuck in. Durability is tested by repeated / dynamic weight loading. Nomi is also approved as an adult chair, with a load test of 150 kg. herein cycle tested simulating 10 years of daily use.





Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi  - and numerous other classic chairs that are currently used in offices, living rooms and kindergartens around the world. During the past decade he has received several Nordic and international design awards for his sitting solutions for children and adults. More than anyone, this Norwegian designer has reflected upon the way humans sit. So that the human body becomes the core of good design and we can better unite our sitting lifestyle with our active bodies.

Adults need chairs that move in order to inspire movement and different sitting positions. Children on the other hand, need stable chairs. Peter Opsvik compares children with rubber balls - a rubber ball bounces better from a firm foundation.

Nomi is the result of more than 40 years of work with children's chairs. Peter Opsvik has designed Nomi from the philosophy that children need a stable platform from which to move - a platform that inspires many different positions, so the child will sit actively and varied. 

Peter Opsvik (1939) graduated as industrial designer from Bergen National Academy of Arts and Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole in Norway. Since 1970 he has been working as a freelance designer in Oslo.

As a furniture maker he is very conscious about our planet. His designs are developed with love and respect for the surrounding world.It is important to him to reduce the footprint left on the environment. Opsvik is also involved in the establishment and running of "Design Without Borders" - an organisation where designers use their skills to find new solutions for developing countries and crisis areas.