Bolur, Jolly Tee - Geranium
Bolur, Jolly Tee - Geranium

Bolur, Jolly Tee - Geranium

Verð3.590 kr

This red, long-sleeved baby tee with elegant lace trim along the neckline is a basic and versatile piece from THE NEW siblings. Crafted from a blend of organic cotton, modal, and elastane, this tee offers exceptional softness, breathability, and stretch. Incorporating modal fibers makes for better colour fastness, quicker drying, and reduces wrinkles, shrinking, and pilling.
This tee is also an ideal choice for days of high activity levels or warm temperatures, as modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton, so it rarely feels damp or clingy to the skin. Modal fabric is made from semi-synthetic cellulose fibers and requires 10-20 times less water compared to the cultivation of cotton plants.

- Regular fit.
- Solid-coloured.
- Long sleeves.
- Round neckline with lace trim.
- Snap buttons on one shoulder.
- 48% cotton, 48% modal, and 4% elastane.

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